Who is Stella + Poppy?

Who is Stella + Poppy?

Stella + Poppy are my girls, my inspiration and they run the show here on the farm.
They've made my life better, make me smile more than not, and make me want to be home watching them chase rabbits from the comfort of my shop while making candles + soap, more so than be out on the road trucking.
When I decided to bring my Wild Wind Soap Company back to life, the name just didn't feel as good as it use to. It didn't take much to decide, while looking at my girls just what the name would be.
Stella + Poppy was born. 

These two are my truck dogs and they go everywhere I go. Poppy has been to every state west of the Mississippi while trucking with me. She's kept me company, gets me out for daily walks of 1-4 miles, and watches over me and my safety while I sleep.

Stella is still just a pup and learning, yet she's already put on around 65,000 miles this year with Poppy and I.

Poppy Rose was born in August of 2013 and Stella Bean was born in February of 2016 and they share a love of being outdoors while chasing rabbits, or sunning themselves while I work in the garden.

Stella has been know to pull onions and garlic when her help is not needed, and at times Poppy eats our grapes and strawberries before we get the chance to. 

Both Stella + Poppy are dapple dachshunds. Poppy is a black and tan dapple, while Stella is a wild boar dapple. 



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Life changes. Business changes.

In 2003, I fell out of the back of my semi trailer and hurt my back. I was off work for a good six months and at that time, because I have a terrible time sitting still, I started studying herbalism, and making soap to keep my brain preoccupied. Before long I was making more than I needed so I started sharing with family and friends who loved what was being made. From there the Wild Wind Soap Co. website was started and my products were sold at farmers markets and local craft shows.

When it was time to go back trucking full time, I kept up with my soap business but priorities changed. I was no longer able to do the heavy lifting of my other driving job, but I could sit and drive so back over the road I went.

I loved it. I loved being so close to nature, so close to the changing seasons. But with that, I lost my home time which meant missing time with my husband, my gardens, my animals and slowly Wild Wind Soap.

Being gone was a bit easier when my dachshund Poppy came along. She and I did a couple of years over the road before I decided to drive a bit more locally. This year along came Stella, and my hunger to be home on our farm has grown even deeper, and it seems to be the only thing that resonates within my soul.

Trucking use to be something that I thought I could not live without. Nowadays it's a stressful, demanding, unsafe, and poorly paid profession that keeps me away from home.

Luckily, the power of herbs + essential oils have kept me sane, and safe. And they have brought me back to Wild Wind Soap Company- only with the new name Stella + Poppy which will give me the ability to add other products as well as representing my loves in this life.
So with that, since I've always been asked to make candles to go along with my handmade soaps, I have finally made that jump as well and I love it.

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